A menstrual cup that I have tested.

found at v-cups.com

As I mentioned a few weeks back, at least 14% of my followers are women . And the male followers I have either have sisters, daughter's, a mother or a spouse/girlfriend or at the very least a female friend that this would apply to. That being said, @v.cups sent this package to review. They sell cups that include both sizes. The smaller is generally for under 30 years of age or have not delivered a baby vaginally before. The slightly larger is over 30 or have given birth vaginally. Having both cups allows you to not have to guess before purchase. It also gives you the opportunity to start in one size and move up to the other. Every woman is different. It also comes with a carry pouch and instructions. These can be used from an 'every day ' use or during hiking, camping.. or hey, if in the future you hit a zombie apocalypse you won't need to make a pad/tampon run 😉😉😉😉. You use the stem to aid in removal or in mine I tend to chop them short. This one is much shorter already so may not be as uncomfortable as my other was. Questions welcome. No I will not do a video putting one in. I was asked last time I did a menstrual post 🙄 product link will be in my bio , their website has a lot of great info. I will be doing a product test and do a follow up post after #survival #survivaltools #bushcraft #backpacking #selfsufficient #bugoutbag #firstaidkit #zombieapocalypse  #thewalkingdead #firstaid #shtf #urbansurvival #tactical #survivalgear #knife #everydaycarry #foraging  #textbooksurvival #menstrualcup #menstruation #period

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So, with this company, you get both sizes when you order. The smaller size is a half centimeter smaller than the larger cup. Smaller is recommended for under 30 or no  vaginal birth delivery. Larger is normally for 30 and older or have given birth vaginally. (site doesn’t specify vaginal delivery but that was my assumption) They send both sizes because everyone is different and you shouldn’t be put into a category. You may be over 30 and still be the smaller size. along with that you may be able to start off in the smaller size and use the larger one later.



The cup material is a very soft medical grade silicone. Very minimal chance of allergic reaction. I am someone with a ridiculous amount of allergies and I had no reaction at all. It is a bell shape with a small dip before the rim. The stem is very soft and flexible. This brand I didn’t have to cut the stem down to make it comfortable. The brand I used prior I had to cut short. 2 air flow holes and there’s a carry bag included so you have somewhere to store the cups or cup. It is a nice size, not huge, not too small. Satin type material. The box set comes with a user manual, my other brand did not.


This brand I did NOT experience leaks. No added pad needed. After getting the hang of putting it in, it’s easy. That was probably the more irritating part. Learning how to put it in correctly. I emptied mine twice a day. 1st thing in the morning, and again 12 hours later. Not having to change anything at work or the entire day/ night was 100% worth the frustration while learning. It never got close to full, or even half full.  Was great to not watch the garbage fill up. Experienced less cramps, though am unsure if it was because of using the cup.



The user manual includes 3 easy folds with the directions.

Even with  learning the insertion process ( Which you have to do with any brand) this was an easy and great experience. Love this brand more than my other cup. highly recommend.