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Hey everyone so this is the 1st video of the microscope from @loveuhandy . The microscope itself is 3 pieces, the housing that fits on your phone or tablet. The microscope itself and essentially, a built in slide . The stickers that come with it act as slip covers. All 3 pieces are magnetic so they stick together while you look. Less worry about dropping it. Important when you are out and about. Then it comes with a journal. The journal holds your past finds as well as your slip covers. You can mark what it was as well as when you found and save them for future viewing. You don't need to add a drop of water because the slip covers are a little sticky. The 1st item viewed was a dust mite on a slip covered I prepared. The 2nd was an ant, you only get to see it's head because time is short. On my other microscope that same size is at 450x magnification. So that is what I am comparing it to. The kit comes with 108 slip cover stickers I think. I will probably blow through those fast 😉. I will try to post a blog with everything viewed with this microscope. So far I'm up to 11 pictures saved to my Kindle. Loving this item. Really want to get some live mini things from a water source ! I have the direct link in my bio. If you are up for seeing them in a blog please comment below and when I get it up I will let you know. I love how you do this with just the camera and you can record while you look . Really stoked . Again thank you @loveuhandy . I can't wait to show more finds #survival #survivaltools #bushcraft #backpacking #selfsufficient #bugoutbag #firstaidkit #zombieapocalypse  #thewalkingdead #firstaid #shtf #urbansurvival #tactical #survivalgear #knife #everydaycarry #foraging  #textbooksurvival #microscope #loveuhandy #uhandy

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video of it in use

Split ends using @loveuhandy microscope. Video taken from my other phone that is only being used for @loveuhandy microscope. I looked at a fish louse at work, a tiny drop of blood and more. If you guys have anything in particular that you'd like to see you can comment the ideas below. I'd like to do some pollen, mold any a few other things still I need to take a wipe to the slide plate, getting a lil bit of my last views built up on it The microscope link is in my bio still 👍👍 #survival #survivaltools #bushcraft #backpacking #selfsufficient #bugoutbag #firstaidkit #zombieapocalypse  #thewalkingdead #firstaid #shtf #urbansurvival #tactical #survivalgear #knife #everydaycarry #foraging  #textbooksurvival #loveuhandy #uhandy #uhandymicroscope

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actual microscope vs uhandy


Blood drop. A little comparison video on uhandy microscope vs a larger but fairly basic microscope. 1st frame 100x magnification , 2nd frame 450 x magnification , 3rd frame 900x magnification. Remainder of the video was the uhandy microscope from @loveuhandy. The phone i have the microscope on only has a 5mp camera on it, most objects I view end up looking closer to the 450x magnification whether it's the phone or Kindle. Better camera definitely means better picture. Hope you guys liked the comparison. Uhandy much Smaller than the table top one while having mid range viewing strength 👍👍 #survival #survivaltools #bushcraft #backpacking #selfsufficient #bugoutbag #firstaidkit #zombieapocalypse  #thewalkingdead #firstaid #shtf #urbansurvival #tactical #survivalgear #knife #everydaycarry #foraging  #textbooksurvival #loveuhandy #uhandy #uhandymicroscope

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Uhandy photos from my old htc phone. Anyone want to donate a phone with a better camera? 😁😉

imag0001(dust mite)








(I accidentally squished a fish louse, these are parts of it)



(anacharis plant, full leaf)



(blood drop from co-worker)


(skin sample from guinea pig with flaky skin)


(split end)


(stringy algae)


(cala lily pollen sample)



(“daisy bush”pollen sample)




(rotifer in plant dish water sample)