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*Fire Starter Kit , cost $9.99-  direct link to the product

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Contents included;

  • About 4 inches of firecord
  • Tea light candle
  • razor blade
  • some dense cotton balls
  • Mini BIC lighter
  • Reflective tape in tin lid
  • 2 Mini glow sticks
  • A vial of potassium permanganate
  • a vial of glycerin
  • A pencil sharpener
  • A chunk of paraffin wax covered wood chips

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My overall impression of the Fire Starter Kit from@the_prepper_jack , I think it is well worth the price. You’d easily get a couple of Months worth of fire starting between the potassium permanganate and glycerin combo and the mini lighter. Lighters tend to go months Even with daily use. The potassium permanganate and glycerin on it’s own, I think you can manage about 8 uses if you aren’t heavy handed in pouring I do recommend pouring on top of something flammable to help it actually ignite. The paraffin wax covered wood chips is an excellent tinder. Lights much easier than I expected and gives enough time to pile on kindling to build a fire. You also can spread that out over many uses. The mini glow sticks are nice and bright, and it comes with 2. Helpful if you just want to see what you are doing, kit also comes with a candle that you can use for the same thing. There’s reflective tape on the lid, if you are trying to find rescue, it acts as a signalling device. The firecord you can probably get 4 uses out of, I used a ferro rod, but I am also always carrying a ferro rod and I thought it would be fun to test with. Nice bit of tinder that is supposed to be waterproof. Aside from that , the kit comes with dense cotton another great tinder, have pulled a few chunks from the kit to use in demonstrations and have more than half left, works well with waxed wood chips. The tin itself, if you needed to, could have small amount of water boiled in it, or used to keep some wind off the candle . Pencil sharpener works great, nice and sharp, has a shaving compartment that detatches, great for tinder. The razor blade is awesome to have, can cut the firecord , waxed wood chips and slice wood chips off sticks for fire building.
It’s a kit I would get again for myself and family. I use the contents for random tasks here and there, it has it’s uses outside of being a fire kit. Highly recommend it!

This kit comes vacuum sealed , any self packaged items come labeled

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This meal kit is packed with roughly  1578 Calories. It comes with non food items as well, including;

  • Toilet Paper
  • Strike on box matches
  • Silverware packet
  • 2 sheets of foil

The food items in this kit and the estimated calories per item are;

  • 2 servings of instant rice , add 1 cup of water ( if you can’t boil water , the rice can be rehydrated with cold water, it just takes time. The foil and matches the kit comes with can be used as a make shift container and the means to start fire) estimated calories  400
  • 1 can Vienna Sausage , estimated calories 240
  • 1 beef bouillon cube, est. calories 11
  • 1 chicken bouillon cube, est. cal. 11
  • Instant coffee , 3- 6oz servings, est. cal total 12
  • Tang, makes 2 – 8oz servings, est. cal total 180
  • Gatorade, makes 12oz serving, est. cal 80
  • Tea bag, makes 1 gallon, est. cal. 0
  • Granola Bar, est. cal 190
  • 1 bag salted cashews, est. cal 240
  • 2 single servings of creamer, est. cal. total 20
  • 4 sugar packets , est. cal. total 64
  • can of tuna, est. cal 100
  • 3 packets of salt ( 1 came with silverware)
  • 3 packets of pepper ( 1 came with silverware)

This is a kit that you can keep in your car, an emergency bag, take camping or buy multiple of to make a 72 hour kit  ( He sells a few different ones) . My main suggestion would be to be sure you have water or access to it. All of the food items take little to no prep time. The minute rice taking the most at roughly 6 minutes to bring water to a boil.  If you aren’t partial  to rice on it’s own there’s the tuna or  Vienna sausage that can be added plus different flavoring options with the bouillon cubes, salt and pepper. The can of tuna requires  a can opener. I carry a P38  on my keys but if you purchase his basic survival kit it comes with one. I believe there will also be a drop down menu option coming to the purchase link.

The kit gives you almost the full amount of daily calories needed. It has some nice pick-me-ups, like the coffee and the gum. The tea smells amazing!!!! It was the 1st thing I noticed when I opened the package. All of the product expiration dates are years away and that  gave some peace of mind. The Gatorade , the tea, the broth cubes and the rice could be used if you were ill. I like that I can name off multiple application to the meal kit and still think of more as I go. It shows how versatile the items are. The Prepper Jack did a great job putting the kit together and I can happily recommend it to others

*Basic Pocket Survival kit, cost $11.99- direct link to the product


Contents included are;

  • Paracord Mil spec
  • Mini BIC lighter
  • Razor Blade
  • Reflective tape in the tin lid
  • 2 water purification tabs ( each treats 1 Liter)
  • 2 key rings
  • P38 can opener
  • 2 bits of wire
  • Birthday candle
  • 2 sheets of Aluminum Foil
  • 2 cotton balls
  • 2 mini glowsticks



So far using just the tin contents, I have made a crude snare. I used the yellow wire so it would stand out a bit more.


I made a wire fishing hook, a spoon from the foil and a fly from the inner strands of cord.


working on different uses for the foil. Aside from the spoon for fishing, I made a bowl . You can also dig a hole, line it with foil and put contaminated water, then add heated rocks  bring to a boil and purify water that way