Solar lantern from @thasunglow


Hey guys, doing this video later than anticipated. A while back I posted these Solar collapsible LED lanterns. I have one here today to show you . There are a total of 7 bright LED lights. 6 in the lantern portion 1 in the lamp mode. The main body expands to use the lantern feature. It also allows you to somewhat dim the lights. It is impressive bright. This one came precharged so I didn't get the chance to play with the solar panel yet. Battery is 1000 mAh, there is a USB charging port, and it has an IP54 waterproof rating meaning it can withstand a water spray from any direction. There is a moveable handle that allows you to hang the lantern or use it in lamp mode comfortably. It comes with a wall charger, I want to see how long it holds a charge still. Really impressed with how bright it is and love that it's collapsible 👍 closed it is 3" across and 5.75" tall , open it is 3" across by 8" tall. If you are interested, the link to check it out is in my bio. @thasunglow is offering free shipping worldwide During the holidays My daughter loves this light if you couldn't tell 😉😉 #survival #survivaltools #bushcraft #backpacking #selfsufficient #bugoutbag #firstaidkit #zombieapocalypse  #thewalkingdead #firstaid #shtf #urbansurvival #tactical #survivalgear #knife #everydaycarry #foraging  #textbooksurvival

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so far with the testing I’ve done, the usb port is defective. the LEDs are extremely bright. The movable handle is great, I love that I can change it according to what mode it is in. I haven’t been able to successfully charge it in the sun. shop says cold affects it. 1st charging attempt was going well, day 2 was cold and it lost what charge it had. With that 1st day ,I know it can be done. will update again later. so far it is bright and the wall charger works. hopeful to get a successful full on solar charge.