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This is my 1st experience with a fire piston. I bought the wood handled version, it has gotten some solid whacks on hard surfaces. It is Very durable!! The spare O rings and the amount of char cloth the piston came with were generous. Instructions for use and how to make more char cloth are clearly written, easy to follow. It only took me about a half hour of practice to get the hang of using it. I’m confident that I could use this to get a fire rolling in either a camping or a survival situation. Solid product, great customer service. Email response time was within minutes.  Phenomenal  . Very happy with my purchase  and have already recommended to others. Thanks again
 – Missy


Since this review, I have restained the fire piston

and have practiced off and on

Sorry for the lack in posts, Jan 2nd Is my least favorite day of the year. Ive decided weekends will have no wild edible posts, they will however have others. I wanted to break out my Fire Piston and get some actual combustion going. I tried cotton, fatwood , pine, and a powdered fire starter stick. NADA. In the hour of attempts I think its safe to say I figured out how to get the ember. @Intenseangler made it look all too easy :p I can't do with just hands, I hit mine down on a hard surface . In my tinder container I've got some dry moss and bamboo, both of which i'm going to try next. Bamboo will be shredded up. Might even attempt with a shredded up craft stick. If anyone is interested in buying a fire piston, I ordered mine from where John got his. My review is also posted, not sure If I'm still the only female reviewer. As difficult as it is, it's rewarding to learn more and figure out what works best for you 🙂 note the coloring on mine is a little different, I left the connection points the original walnut stain, sanded off the rest and restained in a red cherry.

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