@4ursurvival on Instagram asked if I would review on of their products found here


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This is the survival mini – emergency survival kit. It is about 5″ x7″ and 2.5″ thick so it could easily be stored in a car, at work, a backpack etc, it also comes in a very sturdy case with a carabinier. The contents include a:

* 1 time use heat pack
*A reusable poncho with a hood
*An emergency survival blanket
*A green one time use glow stick
*A multi function pocket knife
*A mini sewing kit that includes 6 colors thread already attached to individual needles, 2 buttons and a safety pin in a compact hard case
*A multi function whistle that includes a whistle of course, a ferro rod on the side, a compass on top, twisting that off there’s a signal mirror and a waterproof case to store items ( like matches) and has a little bit of cordage (lanyard)
*There are waterproof matches in a box
*A cherry 400 cal energy bar
*4.2 oz pouch of water
*And lastly a hand powered 3 LED light

This kit is meant to be a 72 hour set up. If you had no choice but to survive off of it for 72 hours, you could but not comfortably .  That being said you could add to it. more water, more food.  I think it could be great to throw into a larger pack or keep in a car for an emergency. the kit I tested , I used up a few one time use  items – Food, water, glow stick.  but those are meant to be used.

I think all of the items in the kit are quality and worth the price. I broke it down and used known online prices to compare with and came out close to the same.

The bag everything comes in is sturdy, not an easily ripped item.

The heat pack worked perfectly ( some I’ve used in any brand have been defective)

This reusable poncho I haven’t used but it also rarely rains and if it does, it’s not really hard enough to put any extra clothing on or grab an umbrella. ( I go out in flip flops with my jeans rolled up if there are puddles.)

The survival blanket I have not used

The glow stick I did use and it was great, nice  and bright. would like more of them. stayed bright throughout the night.

The multi function pocket knife I received was not the same as the one in the picture, it had less functions but was still a good pocket knife. was maybe 8 functions vs 16.

The mini sewing kit was nice, I really liked it. Doesn’t need to be a survival situation to find use for it. would like more of them for other packs.

The multi function whistle works as expected. the mirror was on nice and tight, usually I have to superglue them on after purchase. The compass was accurate

The waterproof matches were great, I was able to soak them and use while they were wet

The cherry 400 calorie energy bar was great, no bad after taste.  Would definitely buy more of them. curious to see if there are other flavors. I am usually wary of cherry flavored items. This one was great.



The water was good. No after taste. Was just like bottled water


The last item was had 3 LED hand powered light. great little light, pretty quiet.