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Menstruation and your long term plan

Pads and tampons are not a long term solution, nor are they healthy. The majority of top brands  contain chemicals.   A tampon can not be used longer than 4 hours before you put yourself at risk for Toxic Shock  Syndrome... Continue Reading →


v cups

A menstrual cup that I have tested. found at   So, with this company, you get both sizes when you order. The smaller size is a half centimeter smaller than the larger cup. Smaller is recommended for under 30... Continue Reading →

uhandy microscope review

from @loveuhandy on instagram video of it in use actual microscope vs uhandy Uhandy photos from my old htc phone. Anyone want to donate a phone with a better camera? 😁😉 (dust mite) (sugar) (salt)... Continue Reading →

Blaze Solo 1 Liter review purchase link here I did this review via Youtube. great stove, no complaints  

solar lantern thasunglow

Solar lantern from @thasunglow website so far with the testing I've done, the usb port is defective. the LEDs are extremely bright. The movable handle is great, I love that I can change it according to what mode it... Continue Reading →

campfirepiston review

My review from This is my 1st experience with a fire piston. I bought the wood handled version, it has gotten some solid whacks on hard surfaces. It is Very durable!! The spare O rings and the amount of char... Continue Reading →

The Prepper Jack

website : IG account @the_prepper_jack Products Reviewed so far: *Fire Starter Kit , cost $9.99-  direct link to the product Contents included; About 4 inches of firecord Tea light candle razor blade some dense cotton balls Mini BIC lighter... Continue Reading →

4ursurvival product review

@4ursurvival on Instagram asked if I would review on of their products found here direct link to the item This is the survival mini – emergency survival kit. It is about 5″ x7″ and 2.5″ thick so it... Continue Reading →

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